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February 6, 2024

Gozney, the folks who make the Roccbox and Dome (of which I have one of each and love them both) has two new pizza ovens coming out in March: Arc XL & Arc. The smaller Arc will be able to make 14" pizzas and will sell for $699, while the Arc XL does 16" and will go for $799.

I find these ovens pretty compelling, especially the way the burner is placed and the shape of the flame from it. The Arc is like a big Roccbox with the asthetics of the Dome for half the price. I (probably) won't be purchasing (see above), but I can't wait to try one out. If the quality of these ovens are anything like their current ones, it's going to be great.

See also: a fun video on YouTube where Tom Gozney introduces the Arc & Arc XL. He's a character for sure.