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March 17, 2020

Here's the longer version of a post I made on Instagram.

Day… 6 of quarantine? The days are blurring together. I've always worked from home, but with Madeline out of school, Kirstin at work, and us basically staying at home otherwise- it's a bit difficult to keep my sanity. We'll make it 6 weeks though. I hope.

Luckily there's still pizza and bread to make.

pizza a pizza b


pizza c


pizza c

Bread made today and yesterday.

The bread is because I'm trying to get through some old flour before it goes bad. The pizza is leftover from Sunday night's dinner. I made six dough balls on Saturday, two of which were used for Sunday's dinner. Then I threw the remaining into the fridge to use for lunch today. Since there's only two of us for lunch, that means there were two leftover. I did a little bit of practice shaping (I really want to learn the neapolitan slap technique!) and cooked it without toppings for the worms.

Some of the loaves are probably going to go into the compost as well. Madeline has a raging runny nose right now, and with the general quarantine, I'm not going to be giving out the extras to neighbors. Which is a bummer, but at least the worms will get to enjoy it.