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March 16, 2020

It's been a while since I've had notes on this site. I'm feeling the need to write a little now though, since my daughter and I been staying home because of covid-19 outbreak. School is canceled for 6 weeks.

Here's one of the pizzas from last night's dinner. You can find the dough recipe here.

The toppings were Aidells roasted garlic & gruyere cheese, mushrooms, fresh moz, and some spicy olive oil I've put together. Not pictured was a little grana padano I added after it came out of the Roccbox.

pizza a

The flour was from a brand new bag of Shepherd's Grain HG. I'm guessing the flour was milled more recently, and from a harvest last fall. I used a 68% hydration for the dough, and that seemed like a bit too much. So for the next batch I'll probably drop it down to 66% and see how that goes. Last fall I was using up to 70%. It's amazing how much variation you can get from bag to bag.

pizza b

We still have four dough balls leftover in the fridge. Madeline and I will most likely have them for lunch tomorrow.