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May 19, 2016

WWDC will soon be here, and you might be thinking to yourself, gee- I wonder if there's any good Neapolitan pizza in San Francisco?

Why yes, there is.

I've not been to very many neo pizza places in SF, but I've been to enough to at least make a small list of recommendations. So here you go:

Zero Zero. Located just a couple of blocks away from the Moscone Center where WWDC is hosted. It's open late, has a nice bar, and the quality of the pizza is pretty consistent.

It's a little pricy and can get crowded, but it's good pie.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. A bit of a hike from WWDC, but if you're a pizza aficionado, you absolutely need to go here. The (PDF) menu is astounding. Ten different styles of pizzas, from Neapolitan to St. Louis to Detroit and even Coal Fired. WTF, how many ovens do they have? Who even does this? THIS IS AMAZING. My brain just about exploded the first time I saw their menu.

Una Pizza Napoletana. Famous for being Una Pizza Napoletana, this restaurant is another must for the pizza aficionado. Actually, I'd say it's more of a pilgrimage (though a short one at a 25 minute walk from Moscone Center). The resident pizzaiolo, Anthony Mangieri, is widely credited for helping start the US Neapolitan craze. Check out their videos page for a taste (and scroll right to start with the last video, working forward after that).

It's a bit pricy, and can be a bit wet. I recommend the Filetti.

Del Popolo. This is currently my favorite Neapolitan pizza in all the universe. And since I've last had it they've opened up a brick store, which means you now have two locations to grab a pie from.

Del Popolo (aka, Jon Darsky) is mostly known because they took a flippen' giant shipping container, stuck it it on a big truck, put a Stefano Ferrara pizza oven in there, and made it look pretty. And that pizza truck usually shows up a block or two away at Mint Plaza during WWDC.

The prices for the pizza truck are very reasonable, and I recommend everything.

I haven't been to the restaurant on Bush Street yet, but my hotel is a few blocks away, so you bet I will. Most likely more than once.

I hope this year to expand my horizons a bit more and try out some new places. Got any recommendations for me? Delfina and PizzaHacker are already on the list.