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Gus's experiments in making pizza with very hot ovens.
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August 15, 2012

Dante (the WFO) and myself are slowly getting to know each other. So far I've made 16 pizzas across 4 different firings- a couple of really great sessions, one not so amazing one, and one seriously burnt pie. I've also gone through more wood than I'd like, but I'm still learning the most efficient ways to use the heat he makes. No 90 second pies yet either- I haven't taken it to that level yet.

Anyway, today I made 4 pizzas and after the oven cooled down I put a couple of loaves of bread in. Durum flour + rosemary from the garden.

The big one up top took around 20 minutes to bake, the little guy down here took 10 minutes. The oven was somewhere around 550° I think.