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April 27, 2012

A couple of posts ago ("Basic Pizza Gear") I mentioned that Bob's Red Mill unbleached white flour served me well in the past. It occurred to me that I must have stopped using it for a reason, so recently I picked some up to try it out again. I've since made three different pizzas using this flour and I wasn't really happy with the crust- it reminded me too much of cake. So I won't be using it again for my pizzas (I will continue to use Bob's Red Mill semolina flour though).

I am curious about some of the other flours in the store. Even though I've been using King Arthur's specialty flours, I haven't tried their generic white flour in our grocery store.

I will have to remedy that soon.

Update: I got a chance to try out some King Arthur all purpose flour (the red bag, which can be found in many grocery stores). It made a pretty good dough and I can easily recommend it (both Daniel Jalkut and Andrew Janjigian do as well).