Maybe Pizza?
Gus's experiments in making pizza with very hot ovens. And pizza reviews, why not?
March 14, 2012

Happy π day!

Today's ingredients:

The experimental bit today was adding 1/3 durum flour to the mix. The dough didn't raise as much as I thought it would, but it was nice and stretchy. I arranged my baking tiles so they were a little bit bigger, and I think I got about a 15" pie out of it. Had to mix and match some quary tiles with the Dough-Joes though since I've only got four of the Joes, and the arrangement I came up with would take 5.

The pizza was great though! I think the durum made it a little bit extra crispy as well since I was able to hold a piece by the end crust, and there was no bend in it.

Thatsa nice looking crust.

Staying power!